Wyze’s $ 20 security camera has a price and value proposition that’s hard to beat, but with the C20, Imilab is certainly a game to try out. At $ 34, the camera costs a whopping $ 14 and isn’t suitable for outdoor use like the Wyze. However, it does have a killer feature that Wyze hasn’t touched on yet: a motorized pan and tilt system that lets you realign the image through the Imilab Home app.

While inexpensive options are increasingly used, so-called PTZ cameras have long been associated with oversized price tags and large, unattractive housings. The Imilab C20 is pretty low key though, a cute ball that mounts on a hockey puck base and fits into any of your existing smart home devices. The system has no battery and requires full-time electricity. The scope of delivery includes a micro USB cable and an A / C adapter as well as hardware for wall mounting. A blue LED on the front of the camera flashes while recording, but it can be turned off …

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