A serious new warning has been issued to Android users to be looking for a “very dangerous” app that has now been installed 100 million times. In the past, the app has been accused of hiding malicious spyware. Now it is embroiled in a data breach that affects millions of users. If it’s on your phone, delete it right away.

So, here we go again. An app that promises to “protect your privacy and protect you” has been found to do just the opposite. And this is not the first time that it isvery dangerous. “A technical appraiser last year warned that “it raises so many red flags that it is not recommended for even the simplest of tasks.”

We’re talking about SuperVPN, of course, which is a suite of free and paid apps that triggered two separate security alerts last year. First, VPNpro warned that “more than 105 million People could …


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