Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) has made massive multi-excavator profits since going public (IPO) on May 15, 1997. The stock went public for $ 18, or a split-adjusted price of $ 1.50 per share. If you had only invested $ 5,000 in this initial public offering, your stake would be worth nearly $ 11.4 million today.

Investors may piss themselves off for missing out on those life-changing returns, but Amazon has also made multibagger profits for investors who bought stocks long after it became the £ 800 gorilla of the e-commerce market. In fact, a $ 5,000 investment in Amazon on the first day of trading in 2015 would still be worth about $ 55,000 today.

Let’s see why Amazon has experienced such a surge in growth over the past seven years and whether this dynamic will continue in the future.

Image source: Amazon.

What happened in 2015

2015 marked a turning point for Amazon as the company finally started growing Amazon Web Services (AWS) sales and …

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