Your inbox notification will ring. It’s an email from your head of department. The wording is a bit strange, but they ask you to review a document ASAP so that you open the attachment to check it out and are immediately left with a terrifying regret. The attachment is clearly not from your head of department. Have you been hacked

When Virginia Tech experiences cybersecurity incidents like this scenario, the IT Security Office (ITSO) is ready to help. The ITSO, a division of the Department of Information Technology, hosts several computer forensics specialists trained to investigate cybersecurity incidents at the university.

Beth Lancaster, IT security analyst, works with departments across the Virginia Tech campus to ensure the security of their data systems. Photo by Angela Correa for Virginia Tech.

“Security is a back and forth between bad actors and defenders,” said Jeff Lang, director of cyber defense operations at ITSO. “Attackers …

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