Courtesy of IDC, Nutanix was named number one in the software-defined storage controller market, ousting VMware in second place.

IDC recently redesigned its software tracking reports and created a single and semi-annual Software-Defined Infrastructure Tracker report with three segments: Computing, Storage Controllers, and Networking.

The storage segment deals with storage software stacks that provide storage services in conjunction with COTS hardware to create a complete storage system. IDC explains: “SDS-CS is the core software that virtualizes and bundles the storage resources on the various servers that make up the SDS. SDS-CS offers data persistence, a range of data services (snapshots, replication, etc.) and a method for data organization (block, file and / or object) together with one or more defined access methods (block, file, and / or object). Another way to describe an SDS system is that it has modular building blocks, uses industry standard hardware …

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