When Apple Last month, iOS 15 took its shells, it also shared one of the biggest upgrades to iCloud we’ve seen in years – a new iCloud + service which offer even more functions to protect user privacy.

This contains Hide my email, an extension of iOS 13 Sign in with Apple This makes it easy for users to quickly set up dynamic private email addresses instead of just signing in to supported services with their Apple ID. The best, You don’t need an iCloud Mail account to use it.

Perhaps more interesting, however, is iCloud Private Relay, a VPN-like Service that helps protect your online identity by completely obfuscating your IP address while surfing. But it’s not perfect.

What is iCloud Private Relay? What is it doing

In true Apple fashion, iCloud Private Relay is even better than a traditional VPN because it’s set up so that it doesn’t even Apple will be able to keep track of where you are going.

Do you see,…

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