As customers increase their mission-critical workloads, scaling up to manage spiky workloads in-house can become an expensive proposition. Icertis, a leading provider of contract lifecycle management in the cloud, had such a workload managing over 7.5 million contracts over $ 1 trillion. The Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform is fully hosted on Azure and offers its customers new flexibility and scalability for companies of all sizes. Dealing with the growing number of customers and the volatility of daily spikes in database usage required manual intervention through an in-house solution that soon proved costly to maintain. I.

Azure SQL Database without a server is a computing level that optimizes the price-performance ratio and simplifies performance management for databases with intermittent, unpredictable use. Serverless automatically scales the calculation if necessary and pauses in inactive periods. With per-second billing, customers only pay for the computing resources they use, which can potentially save significant costs.

“Serverless billing is per second compared to an hour with Provisioned Compute. The enlargement and reduction takes place fully automatically. This ultimately leads to a cost reduction, especially given the usage patterns typically used. In fact, the savings are often around 70 percent compared to the computer provided. ” – Monish Darda, CTO, Icertis

With more flexibility and scalability with Serverless, Icertis is expanding its investments to deliver more AI and machine learning based services. Join Jeremy Chapman as he talks to Icertis’ Monish Darda on the latest episode of Microsoft Mechanics and get a customer perspective on implementing SQL Database serverless through a practical use case.

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