IBM has released security patches that can be used to resolve high and medium severity bugs that affect the technology giant’s enterprise software solutions.

This week, the tech giant released a series of security advisories that fixed fixes for vulnerabilities affecting IBM Java Runtime, IBM Planning Analytics Workspace, and IBM Kenexa LMS On Premise.

The first advisory deals with CVE-2020-14782 and CVE-2020-27221, two vulnerabilities in the IBM Runtime Environment Java 7 and 8 used by IBM Integration Designer – enterprise software for integrating data and applications into existing business processes. in the business suites Business Automation Workflow and Business Process Manager from IBM.

CVE-2020-14782 is a bug in the Java SE library component that could allow attackers to compromise Java SE using multiple protocols. However, triggering requires a sandbox environment and is therefore considered difficult to exploit.

CVE-2020-27221, …

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