As part of a major effort to simplify data management in a hybrid cloud computing environment, IBM introduced a 1U all-flash storage system for local IT environments that can be scaled to 1.7 petabytes (PB) of data.

The amount of storage capacity IT organizations that train AI models on data that cannot be transferred to a cloud computing environment for compliance and security reasons is steadily increasing, said Denis Kennelly, general manager for IBM Storage .

The FlashSystem 5200i with a data capacity of 38 TB or more is now the entry-level member of the IBM all-flash family of storage systems that IBM is now offering for 20% less than its predecessor. IBM is expanding the FlashSystem series with additional 2u models that are supposed to offer higher I / O performance.

IBM storage systems are unique in that they are all compatible with the IBM Spectrum storage management software that IBM provides in its cloud, as well as …

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