INCLINE VILLAGE, Nevada, Feb. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – According to a new report from 650 Group titled: IaaS Hyperscaler SWOT Report 2020-2025, IaaS sales rose to over $ 100 billion and 50 billion in 2020 . USD capital expenditure on data center equipment (servers, storage, networks) and other computing and IT equipment. Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google GCP accounted for over 60% of sales, with Alibaba being the largest provider outside the US.

AWS had revenue of $ 86,000 per minute and earnings of $ 26,000 per minute. While GCP had revenue of $ 3,300 per minute in third place and lost $ 1,400 per minute in 2020. Also, Alibaba had its first profitable quarter in 2020.

“As IaaS revenue continues to grow as many companies rely on it as the building block of their data, income dollars remain a challenge as companies seek to grow and expand rather than relying solely on profits to make investment decisions,” said Alan Weckel. …


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