Billionaire Ray Dalio is betting on 3 “Strong Buy” shares

When billionaire Ray Dalio takes a step, Wall Street pays attention. Dalio, who began trading on the New York Stock Exchange, founded Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund, in 1975. The company managed approximately $ 140 billion in global investments and Dalio’s own assets of $ 17 billion have earned him legendary status on Wall Street. Dalio sums up his success and gives three pieces of advice for investors. First, diversify. The safest way to invest well is to hold a wide range of stocks from different sectors in your portfolio. Second, don’t think that rising markets will rise forever. This is Dalio’s take on an old saw where past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Dalio will tell you that any strong past returns really guarantee that they are currently high prices. Finally, Dalio says to investors, “Do the opposite of …

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