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2022 is turning into a record year for games we play as cats. We finally get Stray, this sci-fi cat adventurebut now we get too Little kitten, big city as.

Announced at the weekend Little kitten, big city is an upcoming PC and Console game (not sure which one yet) in which you’ll take control of a kitten that has been lost in a big city and help him get home.

Someday anyway. It looks like the point of the game isn’t really getting home, but rather strolling the streets of a Japanese city and doing everything that cats can imagine, from jumping in boxes to catching them from birds to playing with their tails or stealing food climbing gear.

Looks like you can talk to other animals, do quests, and wear cute hats too, so it has what it takes. See Little kitten, big city in action, please watch this trailer and enjoy every last second:

The game is developed by a small team in the Double Dagger Studio. Here is the official description from the game’s trailer:

You’re a LITTLE kitten LOST in the big city! Can you find your way home? Or are you having too much fun on the go? Little Kitty, Big City is a game in which you play a curious little kitten with a big personality on an adventure to find your way home. Explore the city, make new friends, wear adorable hats and leave more than a little chaos behind. Isn’t that what cats do best? Playable on PC and console from 2022!

And if you want to wishlist it on Steam, you can over on the game page.

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