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Diablo immortal, Blizzard’s new mobile-first-action RPG sucks on PC. The game launched in open beta for PC and mobile in early June, and I downloaded the PC version to see what all the fuss (and discourse) was about. But I could not endure the experience for long.

Although there are hundreds fantastic mobile gamesI prefer to play at my desk on the PC. Diablo immortal had a great opportunity to win over the core PC fan base notoriously ruined the gamebut the broken PC port shows Blizzard’s efforts were half-hearted at best.

Built for mobile

Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

Diablo immortal was first developed for mobile deviceswhich is one of the reasons our game editor Giovanni Colantonio enjoyed the game so much first of all. This is clear from the opening screen that says “Tap to Play”. Diablo immortal is a mobile port, not a game that you can play on PC and mobile.

This is an important distinction. games like Fourteen days and Genshin Impact work on PC and mobile devices, but are designed specifically for these platforms. Neither of these games have obscenely large menu items in their PC versions, and they don’t have references to inputs that aren’t even possible on most PCs

A seamless experience is important for a game that Blizzard expects players to invest hundreds of hours (and hundreds of dollars, it turns out) in, however Diablo immortal doesn’t go that far. It’s offensive enough to insist that you download the iOS or Android version on any other loading screen and clearly show where Blizzard wants you to play.

It’s not a welcoming experience. To play Diablo immortal on PC feels like walking Android app via a bunk emulator on Windows. The Diablo community has made it absolutely clear that they didn’t want an “off-season April Fool’s joke,” and Blizzard’s PC port rubs salt in the wound.

It looks horrible

Diablo Immortal runs on PC.

Diablo immortal is a mobile game, so I never expected it to look as good as the actual footage we’ve seen DiabloIV. But I didn’t expect it to look so bad either. I appreciate that the game comes with an unlocked frame rate and a whole host of graphics options on PC, but they still look terrible when maxed out.

The user interface is a big pain point. Since Blizzard chose not to update the UI elements, they appear as massive, heavily pixelated icons on PC. I can ignore an ugly menu or two, though Diablo immortal has a dozen UI elements on screen at any given time, and it’s a game where you’re constantly going in and out of menus.

All the graphics settings in the world don’t matter because you can’t adjust the resolution Diablo immortal‘s PC port, either. Hoping to play in 4K? Keep hoping. Even cranking everything up still leaves heavily pixelated models that are clearly designed to be viewed on a 10-inch screen, not a 27-inch gaming monitor. Make it worse: You can adjust the resolution on the phone.

Diablo immortal never had to be one Nice game on PC, but it must at least offer some options that are not possible on mobile. As it stands now, the mobile version actually has more settings in the graphics department, and that’s downright embarrassing.

Battle.net is a nuisance

The Steam Deck with Battle Net Launcher and the S22 Ultra with Diablo Immortal.
Andy Zahn / Digital Trends

Battle.net is a reason to play in itself Diablo immortal on your phone and not on the PC. If you haven’t had the misfortune to use Battle.net yet, consider yourself lucky—it’s a barren DRM platform that’s much more interested in getting you to buy more Blizzard games than actually playing them.

There was a time when every publisher with a few franchises had a PC game launcher, but that era is over. EA has moved most of its library to Steam, Bethesda has terminated its launcher, and Ubisoft had to offer a huge back catalog and an attractive subscription service to keep its launcher relevant. But not Blizzard.

We’ve seen this shift because, frankly, Steam and Epic Games are better. You have access to features like screenshots, library management, DLC, and achievements. Maybe, if Diablo immortal It would even have started on Steam actually work on the Steam deck.

Blizzard also clearly acknowledges this fact. For example, the mobile port includes a video recording feature that is not available in the PC version. And you can try the game as a guest on mobile, while you have to download and create a Battle.net account to even begin installing the game on PC.

When too much isn’t enough

Diablo Immortal on a PC monitor.
Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

It seems obvious to me that Blizzard intended to release a PC port of Diablo immortal to placate the core PC fanbase, but it hurts the game overall. A bad PC port means people like me who don’t use their phones to play games are completely uninterested in playing the game.

A better approach would have been to release the mobile version and work on an updated PC port. As it stands, plugging your phone into a monitor is better than gaming Diablo immortal‘s PC connection.

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