After Google unveiled its latest software advancements, including Android 12, at I / O 2021, we’re waiting for Apple to do the same. We are only a few weeks away from the main keynote at WWDC 2021, in which Apple will present the new software innovations it has developed for its products. Given that the iPhone is Apple’s most popular product, iOS 15 is the show’s most anticipated announcement – iPadOS 15 is set to be an equally exciting upgrade this year considering what Apple has just done with the iPad Pro .

While most of the major features and design changes for Android 12 were leaked ahead of the I / O press event, iOS 15 is more mysterious. We saw a few leaks earlier this year listing some of the general software improvements expected in iOS 15. We’re looking at improvements to notifications, a new lock screen theme for iPhone, new privacy features, and a new home screen for iPad. Unlike the Android leaks, we don’t have graphics for iOS 15 either. But after seeing googles …


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