How I about thatSummer 2021 of the open source advertising planEarlier, I noticed a new open source operating system called HybridOS described as “completely new” and developed for “intelligent IoT devices and cloud computing environments”.

It’s actually more of an ecosystem than an operating system as it has three main components with one Device side run on devices running the Linux kernel or another POSIX-compatible kernel, a Server side run on servers in the cloud and a Client side to manage the cloud and devices via Windows, Linux distributions, iOS or Android.

HybridOS Device Side relies on several open source projects including:

  • hiWebKit, the HybridOS derivative from WebKit:
  • hiACEJS, the HybridOS derivative from OpenHarmony ACELite
  • hiViewRenders, the renderers for hiview Tag from hiWebKit
  • hiShell, the app execution environment (the shell)
  • Various graphics stacks including
    • hiMesa, the HybridOS derivative from Mesa
    • hiCairo, the HybridOS derivative of …

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