“A curve in the road is not the end of the road … unless you can’t make a turn.” – – Helen Keller

We live in a time that was “interesting” to say the least – our Janus moment in my Parlez. While Covid has given us a reason to rethink and reevaluate the way we work, how we live, etc., I believe that change is much more than something that is current. However, this change, which will have a profound impact on life and business, comes in the context of some things that I believe are more profound and cause us to rethink our basic assumptions and foundations of what we viewed as an occupation in stone facts that I call super macro factors. This ranges from the question of whether our civilization is only a few thousand years old, as we have believed in the past, to the hypothesis that it is several hundred thousand years old. on the other extreme of a hypothesis that takes into account whether we are living in a “simulation”. Will we also change the way people …

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