There are more exciting things to do than scour streaming service offers and reviews and figure out which one to commit to. This gets especially complicated when each streaming service has something one likes that one doesn’t get from another. If you can relate to it, the Hulu-Disney Plus package is something you might want to try out.

If you are not familiar with bundles, it means adding one or more subscriptions to an existing subscription. Bundles often make it cheaper to watch your favorite shows and movies than subscribing to each service individually, and the same goes for the Disney Plus package.

The central theses:

  • The Disney Plus package gives you access to Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus. You can choose between a basic package, the Hulu No-Ads package, or the full live TV package.
  • Individually, Disney Plus is $ 7.99 per month and Hulu is $ 6.99 per month for the cheapest packages. The bundle is cheaper than subscribing to any service …

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