A SECURITY vulnerability in Apple’s iPhone technology opens user iMessages to hackers and unwanted observation.

An estimated 1 billion users could be affected by the bug, which is a bug in the end-to-end encryption process.


The vulnerability exposes nearly 1 billion Apple users to hacks

As reported by Forbes, Apple uses end-to-end encryption for iMessage to prevent hackers from intercepting and reading messages.

However, Apple allows users to back up their data through iCloud.

This includes the encryption keys that are used for iMessages. A document compiled by the FBI and released earlier this week describes the vulnerability that iCloud backups cause.

“If the destination is using iCloud backup, the encryption keys should also be provided [lawful access] Content return “, it says in the document.

Hackers “can also get iMessages from iCloud Returns if the target has messages enabled in iCloud.”

Earlier this year, Apple released an emergency software update after a major security breach …

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