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Chinese telecom giant Huawei has released a new processor chip, the Kungpeng 920, created to handle the growing flood of data cloud computers and data centers generate. The firm hopes the new chip will compete with US and European suppliers despite the security concerns that have been brought up by a number of Western governments in recent months regarding the electronics firm’s ties with the Chinese government.

Huawei’s latest chip is based on the ARM system which is commonly utilized in smartphones. It will be in direct competition with chips from industry leaders such as Intel Corp and Advanced Micro Devices Inc, although William Xu, chief strategy officer at Huawei has denied this claim.

“Intel will remain our most important strategic partner,” insisted Xu, further claiming that the Kungpeng 920 would “definitely not [be] a replacement for Intel processors.”

The Chinese tech giant, founded by a former military engineer in 1987, has faced a lot of criticism in recent months regarding its alleged practices. A congressional advisory panel released a report in November 2018 that advised the US government to seize purchasing all IoT tech from China as they posed a security risk. Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou was also arrested in Canada in December 2018 for suspected sanctions violations.

Along with the tariffs placed on Chinese imports by the Trump administration, tensions between the two nations has continued to grow with Huawei, China’s leading tech competitor, caught in the middle. However, Huawei has still managed to usurp Apple as the world’s second-largest smartphone provider with revenues of around $100bn in 2018.

“In any country or region that we operate, we run our business in strict compliance with local laws and regulations,” commented Huawei’s general manager of server business Redfox Qui. 

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