@HPCpodcast: AWS, Sun, eBay, Netflix (and others) Vet Adrian Cockcroft speaks…


There’s plenty of cool stories and valuable insights in this @HPCpodcast episode as we catch up with tech veteran Adrian Cockcroft. Suffice it to say Cockcroft knows what he’s talking about. He recently joined OrionX after serving as Vice President at Amazon Web Services for the past several years. He was a respected engineer at Sun Microsystems and wrote the Sun Performance and Tuning book, which can still be found on many technologists’ bookshelves. He was a founding member of eBay Labs, Director of Web Engineering and Cloud Architect at Netflix, and Technology Fellow at Battery Ventures. As Vice President at AWS and Amazon Sustainability Architecture, he represented Amazon on the boards of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and the Open Source Climate Foundation.

In our conversation with Adrian, we start with Netflix’s move to the cloud, a significant event that helped…

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