VMware has long been about B2B technology: virtualization, data center infrastructure, hypervisors, collaboration tools, mobility, and a long list of other products and services.

This is not a technology that can be casually tested in a home office. However, the high professional quality of these things is the reason why around 95 percent of companies worldwide use something from VMware with IT systems – be it SaaS, IT infrastructure, app tools or any number of other products and services.

VMware is now following the global WFH trend to take a concerted step towards the edge of the company and a home office near you. The Palo Alto, Calif. Based company has done this by taking a number of components, services and solutions from its existing suite of software and shaping them all into a next generation home work base called VMware Anywhere Workspace for the distributed workforce. It was released on April 20th.

“Work is what you …

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