From mountain peaks and medieval villages to neon-lit cityscapes, the virtual universe created by game developers is as breathtaking for gamers as it is for them.

For game developers, the sheer amount of computing resources required to bring these virtual worlds to life is just as staggering – even if hardware performance has improved over time.

“Game developers have been limited by hardware since the dawn of the video game industry,” said Darryl Long, Singapore managing director for Ubisoft, a publisher of top game titles such as Far cry and Assassin’s Creed.

“Our goal is to create these huge living worlds, but you can’t put them in memory or the processors aren’t powerful enough,” he added.

The advent of Cloud computing has helped loosen technology constraints and open the doors for game developers to create even richer and more immersive worlds. “The cloud is a scalable platform – if you need more computing power or storage, you can …

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