How traditional security tools fail to protect businesses from ransomware


Most organizations surveyed by Titaniam have existing security prevention and backup tools in place, but nearly 40% were still hit by ransomware attacks in the last year.

Ransomware infects a computer's system.
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Traditional cybersecurity products were once sufficient to protect businesses from viruses and hacking attempts. But today’s cyber threats are more widespread, sophisticated and destructive, and require more robust security measures. A report released on Thursday by cybersecurity firm Titaniam looks at the inability of traditional security products to protect against ransomware in particular.

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For its State of Data Exfiltration & Extortion Report, Titaniam commissioned CensusWide to survey 107 IT security professionals in the US about their experiences with cybersecurity and ransomware. Among respondents, more than 75% said they have tools in place for privacy, prevention and detection, and data security.


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