BALTIMORE, January 12, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Are you part of a security team? Then you’ll want to read this as I am going to share some amazing information for free. My names David McHale, iI am the vCISO at Bridge Connector and the Principal at HailBytes. I’m hosting a new series of webinars where you will learn what and why the dark web is … what the dark web is, why you want to see it, and which tools are best for the job.

You will see case studies from companies that have seen Dark Web Intel have a big impact. You will learn what your dark web Intel process should look like. This includes the five-step process you must perform in your own dark web investigations. You will find out how criminals hide their discussions about your company. You see real screenshots of how they are protecting themselves and selling your data. You will also learn how your team can plan to respond to incidents for alerts that you set using this information.

You’ll also learn how you can cut your technical, legal, and HR costs by thousands if you …


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