Well 2020 was a long year, wasn’t it? Thanks (or actually not at all) the Covid-19 pandemic, the order of the world has changed and how! Economies have stagnated, consumers have adapted, and businesses have turned. Now we’re all just learning how to embrace what has changed.

Since the nation was banned, millions of professionals in India have had the opportunity to take some bold calls, the most liberating of which has been to take the plunge and start up yourself. Be it out of passion for some, because they have a few extra hours a day off working remotely, or because they figured out a need in the market for others – when it comes to building a business, getting started is right do everything.

When it comes to funding, however, it is a long way from company formation day to the day you can bring investors in through your doorstep. For founders with Bootstrap, optimizing corporate resources and costs becomes just as important as …

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