No longer do you have to deal with a gigantic Galaxy Note to use a stylus on your Samsung phone. The Galaxy S21 Ultra, which launched in February, also supports the Samsung S Pen – though you’ll need to buy one and keep it separate since the S21 Ultra, unlike the Note, doesn’t have a built-in pen slot.

However, if you do decide to buy an S-Pen (or if you already have a Wacom-compatible pen handy), there are a number of cool things you can do with your S21 Ultra with it.

You don’t have to pair the pen with your phone. The S-pen is automatically recognized when you move the mouse over the screen. From there, you can view a number of options by tapping the floating button that appears on the screen.

You can take notes and draw on the Ultra. In Live News, you can draw your own emojis, create GIFs, and take notes on photos. By selecting AR Doodle, you can draw in 3D space with the S Pen. Or you can use Smart Select, which allows you to select, cut and collect pictures or videos for quick sharing with friends.

At the moment the S21 S. Pen can’t do exactly what a Galaxy Note can, but Samsung is expected to release an even fancier and more expensive S Pen Pro at some point in the future (though the company didn’t say when). This more advanced pen allows you to use it as a remote shutter release for your phone’s camera and unlock air gestures, much like you can achieve with the pen on the Galaxy Note.

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