Many schools, colleges, and universities around the world use methods to control access to the Internet (for better or for worse). These limitations can be too tough at times. Fortunately for us, there are plenty of tools out there designed to do this Bypass web-related blocks and restrictions. Still, many of them are expensive (like VPNs, of course). So the question is – how can you unblock school WiFi without a VPN? Do you have any options at all?

As this article shows you, there are many methods of bypassing WiFi blocks in school without using a VPN. More specifically, we have a number of recommendations for you, as outlined below. So let’s dive right in, right?

Method 1: use a (free) proxy service

A proxy service works similarly to a VPN, except that it doesn’t encrypt your data. However, they use alternate DNS servers that redirect your web traffic and allow you to access websites that were previously inaccessible.

Since a proxy is your …

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