Longer term trading plans for VMW
  • Buy VMW above 147.35, target 157.67 stop loss @ 146.92 details
  • The technical summary data tells us to buy VMW near 147.35 with an upside target of 157.67. This data also tells us that we need to set a stop loss @ 146.92 to protect against excessive losses if the stock begins to move against the trade. 147.35 is the first support level below 152.36 and usually every support test is a buy-signal. In this case, the support at 147.35 would be tested, giving a buy signal.

  • Short VMW below 157.67, target 147.35, stop loss @ 158.13 details
  • The technical summary data suggests a short circuit of VMW as it approaches 157.67 with a …


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