How to stop malicious attacks from privileged users


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A 2022 report by the Ponemon Institute on Privileged User Threats suggests that privileged user attacks have skyrocketed by 44% in 2020, with a cost per attack of $15.38 million. With the colossal damage caused by privileged user attacks, it has become more important than ever to defend against security threats posed by malicious privileged users and the threats they can pose to your organization.

Who is a privileged user?

A privileged user can be an employee with authority to access sensitive company information. Understanding what makes someone a privileged user helps organizations monitor and mitigate malicious attacks from privileged users. In most cases, privileged users are given higher access to the company’s source codes, networks, and other technical areas. These additional privileges make sensitive data in the organization vulnerable.

While it’s important to give some employees privileged access, for the…

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