We all know that tingly feeling when we see an ad online or on our phone for something we just talked about with a friend.

Big tech companies say they don’t listen to us and feed ads for things they hear. I say you can never be sure. For a simple trick, tap or click to block the microphone on your computer or phone.

Speaking of simple, this quick test shows you how much information your browser is leaking through. Tap or click to test yours. Don’t like the results? It’s time to choose a new browser.

If you’re tired of sharing your private information with advertisers, you can exclude them with just a few clicks:

How do advertisers decide what to show you?

Your internet behavior determines the ads you see. A process called retargeting crushes your data to give companies a picture of your online behavior. This list includes websites you visit, products you add to your shopping cart, and ads you click.

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