How to set up a VPN on a router in 2022


The most thorough way to protect your home’s Internet connection is with a router VPN. You can eliminate human error by protecting your local connection right at the source – since it’s always on, you don’t have to remember to turn it on.

You can also use the best VPN to secure devices that don’t natively support VPN services, such as B. Smart TVs and game consoles.

However, the setup process can be significantly more difficult than standard VPN providers on mobile or PC, and while some companies have dedicated applications for routers, many require manual setup that can be quite difficult.

It is also worth mentioning that if you do not have a suitable router, you can quickly build a virtual network. Read this how-to guide set up a VPN on a router.

What’s the easiest way to install a VPN on a router?

ExpressVPN is the easiest VPN you can set up on your network. Your membership gives you access…

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