There are many ways to migrate on-premises corporate servers to a cloud instance. The safest and easiest way to migrate a VMware VM to AWS is to use the command line interface function Import / Export in AWS.

Migrating from VMware to AWS isn’t for those scared of typing the command line, but it shouldn’t intimidate a seasoned IT professional either. A complex workload migration involving multiple VMs and storage volumes requires a plan and a thorough understanding of the underlying architecture. The migration is also based on scripting, as opposed to entering commands at the console. Thorough testing in a sandbox environment is an absolute must to ensure a successful migration from VMware to AWS.

A quick look at the VMware to AWS migration process

One way to migrate an on-premises VMware workload to the cloud is to clone the target VM and use the clone file as the source to migrate the VM to AWS. This method works well for some VMs, but can be cumbersome with complex workloads. That’s because…

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