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For one reason or another, we all have photos and videos that we don’t want anyone to look at, and We all know that little panic when you show it to someone one Picture and you will start scrolling to your heart’s content. If you are using Google Photos you no longer have to worry because You can easily move your sensitive photos and videos to a locked folder.

Google Photos locked folder is now available on various Android devices

Locking photos and videos was originally a Pixel-exclusive feature for Google Photos. However, Google promised it would arrive on other Android devices and iOS by the end of the year. While iPhones still does not seem to have the function, Android police discovered that some Android devices other than Pixel devices acan use it again.

First a note on how it works: When you move photos and videos to your locked Google Photos folder, some does Things. First, this media is obviously hidden from your general photo library. Second, it prevents this media from being backed up in the cloud, which adds another layer of privacy to the images. It endanger this media; when you delete the Google Photos app or wipe your phone in some other way, everything in Locked photo is also deleted.

How to lock photos and videos in Google Photos

Once the feature hits your Google Photos app, all that’s left to do is use it a picture or video is open that you want to lock. Swipe up on the picture or tap the three dots in the upper right corner, then scroll through the advanced options and tap on “Move to locked folder”.

The first time you use the feature, Google Photos will show you a splash screen that details what the feature is really about. When you’re happy with all of the above, tap Setup. Now authenticate with the authentication method you use on the lock screen. For example, if you’re using Face Unlock, scan your face to continue. You can also tap Use PIN to enter your passcode instead. When prompted, tap Confirm.

All you have to do is tap “Move” and Google Photos will send that photo from your library and into the locked folder.

How to access media in the locked folder

The locked folder is a bit hidden. To find it, tap Library, then tap Utilities. Scroll down and tap “Locked Folder”. Authenticate yourself and then tap “Confirm”. Here you can browse your photos and videos just like any other folder – and so have you the option to move an item out of the locked folder.

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