Retail Citrix Hypervisor 

Follow the below procedure to activate Citrix Hypervisor using License Manager in XenCenter:

  1. Open XenCenter

  2. Follow the instructions for applying a license file by clicking
    here .



Citrix Hypervisor Express Edition (Free)

With the release of Citrix Hypervisor 6.2, Citrix has unlocked all features in the free version and removed the need for a license.  To obtain the free version, follow the below steps:

  1. Select the Software link at the top of the page

  2. The next page provides all downloads applicable to Citrix Hypervisor, Select the media desired

  3. Save the media on the desktop and proceed to install.

Note: There is no license to install therefore there will be no need for a license. To view the system and verify there is no license:

  1. Open XenCenter

  2. Navigate to the Tools menu and click License Manager

  3. This will show the…

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