Windows brought many changes and exciting additions to the Windows ecosystem, along with an overhauled visual aesthetic. Among the numerous changes, Microsoft has announced that people can install Android apps on Windows 11 computers.

This was one of the biggest announcements and made Android users aware of it. While it’s not quite like installing apps on your Android phone, it’s still a big step in that direction. Having Android apps on a computer can actually be a great thing for some users and it’s probably the reason why some users got the upgrade, but how to install the apps?

First, make sure you’re in the Windows Insider Program

At the time of writing this feature, this feature is in beta, so it won’t be for everyone. If you want to try this feature, you should consider joining Windows Insider Program. By participating in the program, you can try out new features that are available for Windows.

First, make sure you have Windows…

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