Android TV is a portal to a wide variety of entertainment suites. You can use it to surf the Internet, stream your favorite shows on various OTT platforms (Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, etc.), listen to music and even play games. Essentially, Android TV is a version of Google’s Android operating system that supports Android smartphones, but with a bespoke user interface that offers better content recognition, voice integration, content aggregation, and a host of other features to enhance the experience on a TV set.

One of the variants of Android TV is the Android TV Box, which is basically a box (or set-top box) that runs Android TV and that instantly turns your normal TV into a Smart TV with the Android -Operating system transformed. So if you have an old TV in your home, you can use an Android TV box to take advantage of smart features.

Speaking of functionality: with an Android TV box that you get on a running TV, you get pretty much everything – except for a few functions – …

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