How to erase your phone or computer if it’s lost or stolen


Selling your old technology can put cash in your pocket, but don’t forget that your devices store sensitive data that you don’t want a stranger to access.

Your smart speaker, for example, knows your location and can even save your voice recordings locally. Tap or click here for steps to delete and deregister your Amazon Echo before selling it.

Now think about what your phone knows. No wonder you get that awful sinking feeling when you can’t find it. How to find a lost phone even if the battery is dead.

But what if your phone, tablet or laptop is lost for good? Don’t let anything stored there fall into the wrong hands. Here’s how to erase all that personal data from anywhere.

Keep in mind that you need to set this up in advance

Imagine you are traveling and your phone or computer is nowhere to be found. If your passcode is easy to guess — or worse, you’ve never set one up — you might be sharing everything from your bank login to your social media accounts with who…

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