The best way to use virtual machines on Windows 11 is to use Hyper-V, but you need to enable virtualization in Windows 11 first. Here is how.

If you’re using Windows 11 Pro or above, there’s a cool feature to enable Virtualization (or Hyper-V under Windows). Virtualization enables the creation and use of virtual machines from the host operating system.

A virtual machine (VM) behaves like any normal computer, with its own virtual RAM, storage space, network connection and more. It enables you to install a full version of an operating system that is different from the one running on the host machine. Each VM runs in its own isolated area on the host computer’s hard drive. This means that you can run multiple VMs on the same hardware if necessary.

Virtualization enables you to create environments in which you can test new software and services. VMs are popular in business settings, but you can use VMs at home as well. Hyper-V is the built-in Windows tool that allows you to do this without …

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