Type of logs available:

There are a number of logs that can be collected from the WEM Agent to help with troubleshooting/diagnosing an issue

Note: Please make sure to revert all changes after completing log collection.

  • For logging information related to WEM Brokers, see CTX228742


  1. WEM Agent Session Logs: These logs are created by default in the base of the user’s profile
  • Citrix WEM Agent Init.log
    • This is the initialization log for the Agent; will log the Agent once the end user logs in
    • If the Agent fails to start up, this log will likely contain the relevant error message
    • Errors in this log are listed as Exceptions.
    • Created by default after user logs in:
      • Filenames:  Citrix WEM Agent Init.log & Citrix WEM Agent.log
      • Location: %userprofile%


  • Citrix WEM Agent.log
    • This is the main Agent log, which will list what instructions the Agent is processing.
    • If one of the actions assigned to the current user is not…

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