Every reputable VPN available today has unlimited bandwidth. That means you can leave it active at any time. However, VPNs have their advantages and disadvantages, and they can slow down your web connection at times. Regardless of why you want to disable your VPN, you can always do so. So let’s show you how to disable a VPN.


Keep in mind that VPNs have their own interfaces, so we cannot give you detailed steps on how to disable each VPN individually. Additionally, you might not be using a VPN app – if you’ve configured your VPN manually. So instead we provide a general guide.


Depending on how you’ve set up your VPN on Windows, there are two ways to turn it off. You can do this through the VPN app itself or the Windows Settings app. Here is what you need to do.

  • If you have a native VPN app: Launch your VPN app and wait until you see the home screen. Then click an ON / OFF button to disable the currently active VPN …

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