By Deepak Gupta

With millions of people working remotely in the global pandemic, the work-from-home ecosystem is seeing exponential growth in cyber-attack. According to surveys, 71 percent of security professionals have seen an increase in security breaches and threats since the COVID-19 outbreak.

But how has this paradigm shift increased the risk of security incidents in conventional business operations and in the work environment? Cyber ​​criminals are using the new defense system of organizations in the running to allow employees to work remotely as quickly as possible.

This has resulted in weak defense systems that can be easily breached by attackers who are constantly finding gaps in the overall security systems of large companies. In addition, the current situations and uncertainties surrounding the post-COVID-19 world show that the work-from-home culture will persist.

Businesses need to take the bull by the horns to ensure their confidentiality …

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