In the words of Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, “An accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions.”

When asked for a business initiative progress report, too many professionals fall into the trap of sharing their data and using it to support what they think is true. Opinions and assumptions that are not based on reasonable data related to business goals offer minimal value.

As a safety leader, it is important that we speak the language of corporate governance in order to align safety priorities with business outcomes. Business-oriented, key figure-based reporting is an important part of this language.

But metrics-based reporting is about more than just numbers. Metrics don’t just exist for metrics’ sake. They are designed to achieve something. Good metrics do at least one of three things: they inform, they educate, or they change behavior. Good metrics do two of these things, and the best metrics do all three.

Security officers should take these five steps to …

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