In June 2021 Microsoft activated a news and weather widget (called “News and Interests”) in the Windows 10 system tray. It shows the weather, sports results, news and more at a glance. Learn how to show, hide, and configure parts of the widget.

How to get the Messages and Interests widget in Windows 10

The News and Interests widget was enabled for all fully updated Windows 10 PCs on June 9, 2021. It will automatically appear in your system tray. If the widget is available and activated on your PC, it will appear in the system tray in the lower right corner of the screen next to the date and time.

By default, the widget shows the current temperature for your location and a very brief weather forecast in the system tray itself. To fully open the widget, hover over (or click) the mouse.

Click the Windows 10 News and Interests widget in the system tray to open it.

If you don’t see the widget in your system tray, you have to Update to the latest Windows version.

Tip: If you previously disabled the widget, you can restore it by right-clicking your system tray, pointing to Messages and Interests, and selecting either “Show Icon and Text” or “Show Icon”. If you don’t see the Messages and Interests option in the context menu of your taskbar, you are probably using an older version of Windows 10 without this feature.

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How to use and configure widget cards

The Messages and Interests widget begins with a series of information boxes called “Cards” that are turned on by default. These maps show sports results, stock prices, weather forecasts or local traffic. If you scroll down, you will also see automatically retrieved messages from the web.

The Windows 10 message and information system tray widget

For more information about the weather, stocks, or other maps, click the map itself. A page with more details loads on in the Edge browser. (Even the widget’s weather map opens an MSN weather website instead of the weather app built into Windows 10.)

If you want to configure how a card works, e.g. For example, if you want to change the location on the weather map or add a ticker symbol to the financial map, click the menu button in the upper right corner of the map window. In the menu that appears, you will see the options for configuring the card.

Configure a Windows News widget card using the menu button in the upper right corner of the card.

The widget updates itself during the day, but if you ever want to manually update the map information, you can click the refresh button (it looks like a circular arrow) at the top of the widget window.

How to deactivate sports, finance, weather or traffic maps

If you don’t specifically want to see a particular widget card, open the News widget and click the menu button (three dots in a circle) in the top right corner of the panel you want to hide.

From the menu that appears, choose Hide Sports Map (or another map). When publishing, there is no way to disable the newsfeed portion of the widget.

To hide a map in the widget, click the menu button and select "Hide map."

You can also turn different cards on and off using a unified menu. To do this, click the button with the three dots in the upper right corner of the widget window and select “Language and content” from the menu.

In the Messages widget, click the menu button and select "Language and content."

The Edge browser opens and loads an Experience Settings page on an website that controls settings for the Windows 10 Messages widget. In the “Information cards” section, set the switches next to the cards you want to hide to “Off”. (You can also reactivate hidden cards in this menu.)

In Experience Settings, turn on or off the widget cards that you want to show or hide.

After making changes, reopen the widget in the system tray and click the circular “Refresh” button at the top.

In the Windows 10 News widget, click the reload button (which looks like an arrow curved into a circle).

When reloading, the widget reflects the settings you made in the browser: cards that you have hidden disappear and others that you have reactivated are shown again.

Note: If you’re signed in to a Microsoft account in your browser while changing your News Widget settings, but you’re not signed in to the same Microsoft account in Windows 10, the settings on the page won’t work. In this case, you will need to sign out of your Microsoft account in your browser, reload the MSN widget settings page, and then make the changes again. Reload the widget for the settings to take effect.

How to customize your system tray widget news feed

If you want to influence which messages Microsoft pulls from the web to display in your Messages and Interests widget, open the widget (by clicking on it in the system tray) and select “Manage Interests” at the top of the widget window .

In the Windows 10 Messages widget, click "Manage interests."

A special webpage will open in your browser, where you can select or deselect interests by subject. Available interests include science, television, NBA, and more.

On the "Discover interests" On the page, select the topics that you want to view news about in the Windows 10 News system tray widget.

After you’ve selected your interests, open the widget and click the reload button (a circular arrow) at the top of the window. You will see more messages on the selected topics.

In the Windows 10 News widget, click the reload button (which looks like an arrow curved into a circle).

If you don’t like certain news in your newsfeed, you can hover over an individual news panel and click the “X” button in the top right corner.

The widget then offers you the choice between “Not interested in this story” (The widget shows fewer such stories.), “I don’t like the source” (The widget no longer displays news from this publication.), Or “Problem Report “(where you can report offensive or misleading content).

If you don't like a message, you can click on that "X" and tell the widget why.

Alternatively, you can make similar changes by clicking the menu button (three dots in a circle) in the lower right corner of each news card. There you can “like” or “dislike” a story, ask the widget to hide messages from that source, and much more.

How to Hide the News & Weather Widget Completely Complete

If you I don’t want to see the news widget In your Windows 10 system tray, right-click the system tray and select “News and Interests” and then “Shut Down” from the menu that appears.

To turn off the Windows 10 system tray news widget, right-click the system tray, then select "News and interests" and "Turn off" in the menu.

In the same menu, you can also control options for the widget, including choosing a smaller size for the widget in the system tray (“Show Icon Only”) and setting it so that you have to click the widget to open it (“Open on hover “).

Hope you have nice weather. Good luck out there!

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