Once you have configured ShareFile Single Sign-On, you can may customize your ShareFile login page to allow separate login options for both employee users using company credentials and client users using the traditional email and password method. This is sometimes referred to as a split login screen or custom login page.

Configure Custom Login

  1. To enable a custom login page, you must first configure ShareFile SSO for your account. Click here for instructions on how to set up SSO with a variety of identity providers.
  2. During set up, navigate to Admin Settings > Security > Login & Security Policy > Single Sign-On​ settings toward the bottom.
  3. Ensure that Enable SAML is checked and your settings have been validated.

Once the above has been checked, navigate to Admin Settings > Company Account Info > Edit Company Branding

Here, you can customize a variety of appearance options. The primary options for your custom login screen can be found in the Advanced Appearance…

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