The internet doesn’t work with VPN connected to Windows via mobile data

On many occasions we have to Share mobile data You have internet on the computer. For example, when we travel and drive on public transport because we have no other connection. Even if the WiFi works poorly and we have to continue surfing. It’s a widely used alternative.

The problem is, errors can sometimes occur Limited connection. We can even see how we can’t open a network app. This happens in some cases when we use a VPN in Windows and connect through cellular data.

Suppose we need to use a VPN to access a company server or bypass geoblocks. We contact red wifi And everything works fine. However, we tried Windows Mobile data and the connection stopped. We try to sail and there is no way

In many cases such problems can arise when exchanging data from a mobile phone. There may be a network conflict, bad configuration, some of the installed …

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