When you’re a network technician, downtime is the number one enemy. Keeping up with change requests, fixing problems, and implementing new hardware is hard work, but all of that gets derailed when a service outage occurs.

There are many possible culprits for network and application outages, but one of the most painful (and avoidable) is expired or misconfigured TLS certificates used on your web servers and load balancers like Avi Vantage.

In a recent webinar, we looked at integrating Keyfactor with Avi Vantage (now VMware NSX ALB) to avoid downtime and simplify day-to-day operations for network technicians. Here we discuss the highlights of the webinar and why this integration is important for our customers.

Key factor and Avi networks

Before we dive into integration, however, it is important to first understand the issues network and application teams face with SSL / TLS Certificates in their Avi deployment and how they can integrate with. ..

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