Sometimes you might want to play yours Xbox Series X alone, without someone inviting you to a party chat or game. Sure, you can tell your friends that you are not available, but there is an easier solution: appear offline! Even when you play online or are connected to the Internet, Microsoft Xbox The ability for users to appear offline, and there are several different ways to do it. This will literally show your gamertag as “offline” and prevent you from receiving an awkward invitation from a friend. But how does this function work? How to appear offline on Xbox Series X

Appear offline for everyone

It is possible in a few steps to appear offline for all players, even those who are not on your friends list.

Step 1: After signing in to your Xbox account on your system, press the Xbox Button to open the quick menu.

Step 2: Navigate to your profile as indicated by your gamer picture and select your profile. It should show your Xbox Live status as well as your gamertag and is the first option under Profile & system.

Step 3: Click on My profile.

Step 4: From here you will see three options on the right side of the screen – the first is Appear offline – with a drop-down arrow next to it. Here you can choose between appearing online and offline and set your status to Please do not disturb. Boom! You just appeared offline. To return to normal, follow the same steps and turn it back on Appear online.

Customize your online status

The other method is done in System Preferences and allows you to customize who can see your online status. This gives you more flexibility and can be useful if you want to control what other players see when they look at your profile.

Step 1: Press the Xbox click the button again and navigate to the far right to your profile. Then scroll down to settings and select it.

Step 2: Under the account Menu, select the Data protection and online security Opportunity.

Step 3: Then choose Xbox privacy above. You will be taken to a menu with some checkboxes with the option to View and customize details downward. Choose that.

Step 4: Choose Online status and history, and you can change the settings, whether other players can see if you are online, what other players can see on your profile and your game / app history. All can be blocked, set to friends only, or to all.

Note that there are numerous privacy options that can be changed on the previous page by using the profile Menu.

And with that, you’re much better equipped to customize your profile settings on Xbox Series X. Now you can play games without getting invited by other players (hopefully).

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