Add a New User as Billing Contact

The first step to add a new billing contact is to add the user as an Employee User. Follow the instructions at CTX208463 – Create an Employee User to do this. After adding the new user, follow the instructions in the Add an Existing Employee User as ShareFile Billing Contact section to give them billing permissions.

Add an Existing Employee User as ShareFile Billing Contact

  1. From the left pane, click People. This People menu is expanded.

  2. Click Browse Employees.

  3. Browse or search for your user. Click the user or the Manage (gear) icon on the right, to open the user profile.
    User-added image

  4. Under Employee User Settings, click User Access to expand the menu.
    User-added image

  5. Under Billing, select the required permissions. The following permissions are available:

    1. View/edit billing information

    2. Request plan changes

    3. View receipts and billing notifications

  6. Click Save Changes.
    User-added image

Remove Billing Contact

To remove billing permissions from an…

Open on


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