No code – – Technology that helps people develop software without code – – has a moment.

It is projected that no code companies will be worth a collective $ 21 billion by 2022; compared to the $ 3.5 billion they were worth in 2017.

A symbol of this trend is Tines, a Dublin-based startup that operates a no-code platform that helps automate security work. Tines has just completed a $ 26 million Series B round led by Addition and with the participation of Accel and Blossom Capital.

Eoin Hinchy, co-founder of Tines, says no code has the potential to make significant changes to the way we work: from providing a wider range of key skills, to saving time for employees, to making sure that the people who care the most about it knowing a problem are those who develop it solution.

What’s not a code?

To understand that there is no code, Hinchy recommends imagining that you work in a company with 10,000 employees, but where there is only a small team that are Microsoft Excel experts. Nobody else in the company …

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