How security-enhanced file sharing technology contributes to the optimization of work processes


The digital transformation has affected almost every industry, and a consequence of that change has been the rise in cybersecurity. An important aspect of cybersecurity is securing file sharing pipelines. However, as digitalization has increased, corporate workplaces have evolved, and remote working is becoming the norm these days.

This puts companies in a precarious position when it comes to data sharing. Workplace employees could rely on secure networks or face-to-face meetings to convey information. However, working remotely adds security complexity, which increases the risk of a data breach.

Innovative solutions such as virtual data rooms simplify sharing and at the same time increase data security. Here are four ways you can accomplish these goals.

1. Metadata-based approach

Effective file sharing begins with finding and collecting relevant data. Unfortunately, most teams stumble on this step. Companies collect a wide range of corporate data from multiple legal and internal documents …


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